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Stop the Air Brake Ache!
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In the Media
Washington Department of L&I Conducts Independent Study of Maxie Brake Release
Maxie Brake Release Passes Washington State Patrol Safety Standards
In 2010, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries conducted an independent study regarding the potential health risks involved with setting air brakes on school buses. The study found that school bus drivers can suffer from sore or seriously injured right shoulders, elbows or wrists due to having to engage and disengage air brakes throughout the entirety of their shift. To help prevent and minimize the risk of these injuries the WA Dept. of L&I recommended the use of Maxie Brake Release products.
Considering the potential ramifications of using a poorly designed product on public transportation vehicles, the Washington State Patrol often conducts safety inspections and imposes safety standards for all non-OEM modifications. In a 2011 WSP/OSPI Safety Inspection release, the Washington State Patrol deemed Maxie Brake Release products safe-to-use modifications for public transportation vehicles with air brake systems.